BLI Buyers Lab

Rigorous independent testing

Test a device thoroughly before you buy and you can be sure you’ve made the right choice. That’s exactly what BLI, Buyers Laboratory Inc, does for you. The imaging industry’s leading independent test lab, with over 45 years of highly respected experience, BLI carries out rigorous and proven product testing on your behalf.

BLI puts a product through a demanding in-house evaluation with extensive testing for reliability, productivity, image quality, connectivity and a range of other critical performance and value factors. Only then does it reveal the results, providing unbiased product evaluations and impartial information.

Our laser printers and multifunctionals which carry the seal, have received the much sought after BLI recommendation. Get the best return on your investment, with the acclaimed BLI ‘Recommended’ or ‘Highly Recommended’ seal providing independent proof of approval.

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