Canon VB-R11


Keep every angle covered



    • Excellent subject tracking with continuous 360°panning
    • Superb low light performance, near or far
    • Fast and accurate control with precision targeting
    • Additional Intelligent Intruder and Scream detection
    • Enhanced bandwidth management and bit rate control

Podrobne značilnosti

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Excellent subject tracking with continuous 360° panning

The VB-R11 effortlessly delivers high quality, detailed 1.3 MP images for live monitoring and recording. Continuous 360˚ panning and Auto-Flip let operators keep subjects in view without changing their handling perspective, while intelligent Auto-Tracking capabilities allow them to attain and track their target virtually hands-free.

Superb low light performance, near or far

Zoom-in to far away subjects and monitor wider areas using the powerful 30x High UD optical zoom lens with a 58.4˚ wide angle. The bright wide IR Corrected f/1.4-4.6 aperture High UD lens provides clean sharp images day or night and offers improved low light performance. Minimum subject illumination is 0.03 lux (colour) to 0.002 lux (mono). Image enhancing Haze Compensation automatically adjusts image contrast to make steamy environments easier to see. It can also bring distant scenes captured at high zoom into clearer view.

Fast and accurate control with precision targeting

Effectively track fast moving subjects with a highly accurate and responsive 450°per second Pan/Tilt mechanism, which offers faster panning, quicker acceleration and a more precise stopping accuracy. The camera also features a wide range of input and output connections including Audio and Alarm inputs.

Enhanced bandwidth management and bit rate control

Enjoy improved network bandwidth management and enhanced bit rate control thanks to optimised H.264 encoding and ADSR (Area-specific Data Size Reduction) technology. ADSR allows operators to freely define areas of the scene where the best quality imaging is needed.

Additional intelligent intruder and scream detection

A range of intelligent detection functions can automatically alert operators to alarming situations and activate recording. These include Intruder Detection, which identifies moving objects of specified size entering an

Specifikacije izdelka

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Učinkovita omrežna obdelava

Digic DV III

Upravlja kakovost in nadzor slik

1.3 Mega Pixel

Slike visoke kakovosti




Neprekinjeno vrtenje

Auto Tracking

Prostoročno sledenje predmetu

Drag to move

Preprosto upravljanje obračanja, nagiba in povečave

Area zoom

Preprosto usmerjanje

Preset Tours

Samodejno nadziranje

Auto DayNight

Odstranljiv filter IR

Intelligent Function

Analiza vsebine videa

Intrusion Detection

Zaščita območja

Scream Detection

Zaznavanje zvoka

Power over Ethernet

Napajanje prek Etherneta


Dodani nadzor pasovne širine

Linked Event

Pogojni alarmi

SD Card

Snemanje robov


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  • Namestitveni CD-ROM
  • Plošča za pritrditev na strop
  • Ključ
  • Šablona
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  • Navodila za namestitev
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  • Embalaža

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