Canon VB-R13


Versatile indoor network PTZ camera featuring a bright f/1.4-4.8 30x optical zoom lens, 1/3" Full HD CMOS imaging sensor, 360° continuous panning, multiple analytics functions and outstanding low-light performance.



  • 30x optical zoom with fast, accurate auto focus and superb low-light performance
  • Accurate subject tracking with continuous panning and Auto-Flip
  • Enhanced Digital Zoom extends the camera's zoom capabilities while maximising image quality
  • Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction and Area-Specific Data Size Reduction (ADSR) maintains video quality while reducing bandwidth usage
  • Built-in analytics functions for intelligent and efficient alarm detection
  • Configuration and live streaming support across multiple web browsers and mobile devices
  • ONVIF® Profile S and Profile G compliant

Podrobne značilnosti

Podrobneje si oglejte izdelek Canon VB-R13

Crisp HD images for advanced indoor monitoring

The VB-R13 indoor network camera captures stunning detail even in low-light environments, thanks to its 1/3" Full HD CMOS imaging sensor. The VB-R13 combines high-quality optics, fast auto focus, powerful Haze Compensation and Smart Shade Control (SSC) to enhance details even in challenging lighting conditions. Its fast 450° per second speed of operation paired with Auto-Flip and continuous 360° panning means subjects can be tracked quickly and accurately.

Powerful zoom gets you closer to what matters

The VB-R13's 30x optical and 20x digital zoom make it ideal for surveillance and monitoring applications. When the optical zoom reaches its limit, the Enhanced Digital Zoom substitutes low-resolution images with cropped images, extending the camera's magnification while maximising image quality. The aspherical and High UD-distortion suppression lens helps prevent chromatic aberration and achieves high-resolution images from any distance.

Detailed images even at full telephoto in low light

Achieve incredible images even in near-darkness. The VB-R13 can produce crisp images in light conditions as low as 0.05 lux for colour images and 0.002 lux for monochrome images. Area-specific Data Size Reduction (ADSR) technology retains resolution in areas of interest to optimise bandwidth requirements, while intelligent Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction monitors the frame and dynamically adjusts low-light noise to optimise image quality.

Designed for the digital future

The VB-R13 offers viewing and configuration from a wide range of browsers and mobile devices, making it easy

Specifikacije izdelka

Podrobneje spoznajte izdelek Canon VB-R13, njegove funkcije in zmožnosti.

Digic DV III

Upravlja kakovost in nadzor slik


Učinkovita omrežna obdelava

Optical 30x zoom

Optična povečava visoke kakovosti

enhanced digital zoom

Izboljšana digitalna povečava

Full HD

Polna visoka ločljivost


Neprekinjeno vrtenje

Auto SSC

Samodejni pametni nadzor senc

Intelligent Function

Analiza vsebine videa

Simple Camera Setting

Nastavitev z enim klikom


Več možnosti napajanja

SD Card

Snemanje robov

  • Glavna enota VB-R13
  • Namestitveni CD-ROM
  • Plošča za pritrditev na strop
  • Ključ
  • Šablona
  • Priključek za napajanje
  • Navodila za namestitev
  • Garancijska kartica (J)
  • Letak garancijske kartice
  • Previdno pri uporabi pomnilniških kartic

Kalkulator vidnega polja (AOV)

Kalkulator potrebnega prostora na disku (RDS)

Simulator fotoaparata (CLS)