There is a need for a change in attitude of today’s businesses

There is a need for a change in attitude of today’s businesses

Our world has entered a transformational period as a new wave of technological innovation challenges every aspect of how we live and work. The key driver of this technological megatrend is the same unending human quest for productivity improvement. And it seems like Canon CEE with its Therefore information management software, which helped them transform their internal operations, simplify processes and accelerate growth, definitely has the right solution for modern organizations and is ready to share its experience with the world. 

“Automated workflows changed and simplified the way we do business today,” Hermann Anderl, Managing Director of Canon CEE, shared his first thoughts on overcoming digital challenges of their own organization. 

Canon CEE, regional sales organization of Canon Europe for Central and South-East Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus, manages 25 countries today, which means more than 1,300 invoices and more than 200 Requests for Authorization (RFAs) are processed per year. And for a long time, manual approval process simply kept them from having a quick overview of how they do business. The number of documents was enormous, prioritizing tasks was difficult, and tracking paid invoices was even more challenging. 

“Having control over all these documents had become complicated, because they were sometimes overlooked, some approval processes had to be repeated, and it was simply time consuming. Ten to fifteen percent of employees’ time was spent on manual sign-off, identifying payment status, and looking for evidence,” explained Pawel Kita, Marketing Communications Manager B2B at Canon CEE. 

In-house solution 

Fast information exchange became crucial for them to keep productivity and efficiency of administrative processes high. That is why Hermann Anderl, Managing Director of Canon CEE, insisted to implement their own automated digital workflow solution Therefore. 

“Our employees are helping to grow and develop our business through innovation. We are constantly encouraging them to collaborate more actively across functions and teams by sharing knowledge and promoting engagement. Although it was a small step, implementing Therefore led to changing the way we do business,” he explained. 

Faster, efficient invoice processing 

With Therefore finance department paperwork has been reduced considerably, and documents are now digitally accessible to everybody from everywhere. The flexibility of Therefore is useful for very specific financial procedures that can be initiated and automated within the tool, such as splitting invoice amounts by country. 

All digital invoices and proofs are now received through a unique e-mail address, and are then put into Therefore to initiate processing. The system tracks every activity from the document creation stage up to final approval and possible reopening at later stages. 

Their excellent results with Therefore have prompted Canon CEE to extend the solution to other business departments. 

How can automation improve your business? 

Digitalization of business processes is an effective way of how to reduce paper dependency in everyday work. Thus, employees can save a lot of time and focus on other tasks that are crucial for business. With the system that grows with your organization’s needs, you can also: 

  • Standardize automated document processing across entire organization 
  • Increase employee productivity and reduce processing time by 15% 
  • Track reviewing status at all times 
  • Easily access the payment status 
  • Ensure that the document is always reviewed by the right people 
  • Ensure with mandatory fields in forms that all required information is provided 
  • Fully audit trail and archiving 

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About Canon CEE 

Canon CEE is the regional sales organization of Canon Europe for Central and South East Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus, employing more than 130 people across the region.