2016: A Year for Innovation in Creativity

Over the past decade, print has continued making substantial inroads into the realms of creative and cultural industries (CCIs).  For creative and design professionals, print is a cost-effective and efficient method for achieving a range of stunning visual outputs, - whether that’s printing decorative flooring panels, wallpaper patterns, POS signage or 3D architectural prototypes. 

As print techniques, substrates and inks improve the ability to replicate the look and feel of traditional materials, and as clients seek more personalisation for a variety of applications, digital print is increasingly becoming a practical and affordable solution to meet growing demand. Advances in large-format and print technology have brought versatility and flexibility to a wide range of creative industry segments

  1. 3D – one of the most important trends this coming year is 3D. The 2015 Wohlers Report[i] states that the 3D printing industry is set to grow by an estimated 31% per year until 2020 and generate over $21 billion in worldwide revenue.
  2. Photography – for design specialists, photographers and professionals in the advertising and retail sector, sharp, refined and stunning image quality is everything. Recent research suggests that 67% of consumers believe the quality of a product image is “very important” in selecting and purchasing the product[ii].
  3. Industrial printing – the latest innovations such as packaging, ceramics, textiles, 3D objects and electronic components in industrial printing have opened up possibilities for truly customised print and frequent design changes whilst cutting down the production time . Industrial print is creating new values and growth within a wide range of industries. According to experts at IT Strategies, industrial print currently has a global market valuation of $100 billion[iii], with digital inkjet expected to grow by 36%[iv] until 2020

At Canon, we strive to help our customers help their customers with the right products, knowledge and professional insight. At the cutting edge of printing technology for over 80 years, we are uniquely placed to partner with any business, no matter the size or proposition.

This is especially important considering that today’s users of wide-format printers and 3D technology can come from any background, whether they happen to be designers, professional reprographers from the AEC (architecture engineering and construction) industry, sign-makers, screen-printers or photographers. But whatever their demands, print service providers (PSPs) have a responsibility to meet them with high quality output, at an acceptable price and on time. It is crucial to understand how to provide the best possible support to customers, offer them something new and exciting, and provide them with a service that’s unique, consultative and informative.  

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2016: A Year for Innovation in Creativity