ONYX Thrive

ONYX® Thrive is a scalable large format print production software solution, based on Adobe® PDF Print Engine technology, offering end-to-end workflow from digital file to colour management, printing and cutting.


  • Full, 64-bit solution for high performance, large format print production workflow
  • Browser-based user interface enables workflow control from anywhere
  • Redesigned RIP-Queue user interface enhances ease of use
  • Powerful automation capabilities with Quick Set and application tools
  • Enhanced consistency across printers and print jobs through Quick Set templates
  • Range of useful finishing tools: bleed, grommets and print marks
  • Redesigned spot layer tool for white and speciality inks
  • High-speed graphic handling and very fast file rotation
  • Customised size and style options for page output
  • Reduced size proofing capability for production printers and proofing devices

Podrobne značilnosti

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High performance 64-bit platform

The new, fully-integrated, 64-bit platform enables you to set up jobs, move files and open applications quickly, and also make the most of your hardware on 64-bit Windows® operating system platforms.

Streamline and automate routine tasks

ONYX® Quick Sets 2.0 provides easy-to-use, customisable templates of printer settings and finishing output, so you can ensure consistent results for repetitive or standardized jobs, across different production workflows and across different printers.

Easy-to-use simplified interface

Save time on every job with a simplified, highly visual interface and powerful new tools. You can quickly navigate and identify jobs in the new screen view, with thumbnail previews and column ordering features, and view printer settings, nesting previews and job details.

New, improved job properties

Find job options more easily with the new tree view in the job properties dialogue and make basic edits to any job inside the RIP-Queue application. A larger preview pane shows file details, colour accuracy and applied finishing.

Powerful, in-built production tools

Apply advanced finishing functions and automation with application tools including bleed, grommets and print marks. There is also a redesigned, easy-to-use spot layer tool with advanced options to maximise device capabilities.

Fully networked, central management

The Thrive Production Manager browser-based user interface enables workflow control

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